Mixxx MIDI Mapping with ChatGPT Code Interpreter


Some success, still in progress.

Lazy attempt to get a 2 deck controller to control 4 decks in Mixxx, like this example.

Fun part about halfway through where it just started hammering through errors trying to debug itself. I think the uploaded file had expired by then (I had also switched computers). But “Show work” for the troubleshooting steps is still interesting to look through – things like not importing things before using them.

In earlier attempt it didn’t know the actual MIDI values of the controller, so I started by uploading someone’s mapping and asking some things about that – it also had some features like pitch fader scaling that I wanted to understand. The initial extraction and explanation was pretty good, but then it got a bit lost when trying to make changes and actually implement things.

But by the end it got a reasonably complete looking mapping JS file. But some issues with the actual mapping, and follow-up questions for fixing syntax errors were not so good, and it got a bit confused when I uploaded the updated files (it still referred to things from earlier versions of them). Maybe a good reason to start new chats for troubleshooting, though keeping the context of the previous chat would be useful.

Might try “generate a summary of this chat to start a new one with context and the current versions of the files”.