Will LLMs worsen link rot?

Link rot is bad enough already, probably going to get worse if “sources” are added automatically.

Example Conversation

“Comparing Animal Strengths in Relation to Humans” linked to “Influence of the Hohenwarte reservoir on tilt and strain observations at Moxa”
“Human vs. Animal Physical Capabilities” was a 404 on oxford academic.

Since it’s prone to hallucinating external information, there seems to be a tendency to either get links wrong, or make them up entirely. In some non-web-enabled ones it would claim to read a link provided, and tries to guess the content based on link text.

Generate app implementation details with ChatGPT


My first question was far too general, so got me some generic unhelpful answers.

Asking for 20 ideas (inspired by Brainstorming section from this talk) and  including specifics got better specific answers.

Conversation helps refine requirements. In this case I wanted to think of some different possible interfaces, and maybe technology suggestions for a specific part of it.


An alternative to WordPress’ 100 year plan

Introducing the 100-Year Plan: Secure Your Online Legacy for a Century

Assuming it’s a .com, renew for nine years (the maximum allowed by Verisign anyway) for < $100. Keep the remaining $37,900 in a savings account and reinvest the $1500/yr of interest into annual renewals and alternative forms of “securing your legacy”.  Even if Verisign continues to inflate prices at the current rate, you’re looking at $62/yr .com renewals by 2050. You can probably hedge the risk of price increases outpacing your returns by investing in Verisign and GoDaddy?

Mixxx MIDI Mapping with ChatGPT Code Interpreter


Some success, still in progress.

Lazy attempt to get a 2 deck controller to control 4 decks in Mixxx, like this example.

Fun part about halfway through where it just started hammering through errors trying to debug itself. I think the uploaded file had expired by then (I had also switched computers). But “Show work” for the troubleshooting steps is still interesting to look through – things like not importing things before using them.

In earlier attempt it didn’t know the actual MIDI values of the controller, so I started by uploading someone’s mapping and asking some things about that – it also had some features like pitch fader scaling that I wanted to understand. The initial extraction and explanation was pretty good, but then it got a bit lost when trying to make changes and actually implement things.

But by the end it got a reasonably complete looking mapping JS file. But some issues with the actual mapping, and follow-up questions for fixing syntax errors were not so good, and it got a bit confused when I uploaded the updated files (it still referred to things from earlier versions of them). Maybe a good reason to start new chats for troubleshooting, though keeping the context of the previous chat would be useful.

Might try “generate a summary of this chat to start a new one with context and the current versions of the files”.