Libertarian legend

Heir to a plastic cup fortune, Kenneth Dart owns a 10% stake in British American Tobacco and large amounts of real estate in the Cayman Islands.

I particularly liked this on his Wikipedia page:

In 1994, Dart became a citizen of Belize. At that time Dart offered his residence in Sarasota, Florida, to the government of Belize as a consulate with himself as its consul. This would have allowed him to live in the United States full-time as a foreign diplomat avoiding any actions by the Internal Revenue Service; the State Department rejected the arrangement. The Reed Amendment of 1996, a tightening of U.S. tax laws concerning expatriates, was partially spurred by the Dart brothers’ renunciation of their citizenship to avoid paying taxes.


NQFE – portfolio of ~ 1000 domain names. I spend too much time looking at auctions but it is a good business. – I got traction on Instagram last year but I got distracted. The idea is a fun English learning app with videos, quizzes etc

iHateMyJob – I need to beef it up or kill it because it’s a valuable domain. Big market. – I need to rope in some partners.

Duud – \_(ツ)_/¯


  • Lowish P/E
  • Profitable market leader
  • Chance of a surprise Elon or Peter Thiel takeover
  • Venmo, Braintree, BNPL and loan growth
  • New CEO is pro crypto


Similar to WBD vs Netflix. VF Corporation (Vans, Northface, Timberland, Supreme) has the cachet and top line revenue but they are stuck in the past. Lululemon has Netflix style, vertically integrated global distribution. This is why the $LULU market cap is 10x $VFC. It’s safer to go with what’s working (Netflix/Lulu) but I think that ultimately, the better product (VFC/WBD) will close the gap or win out. VFC needs a type platform to unify their offerings.