Numeronyms make Awful Names

a16z – Andresson Horowitz. I don’t hear/use this often enough to remember it, so completely forget what it stands for

a11y – Accessibility. I come across this all the time, yet can never remember what word it is short for. Yet I link ‘a11y’ to the concept of accessibility. My issue with this is possibly due to pronunciation. Is it ‘ay-eleven-why’? Is it ‘Alley’? A-1-1-y? All terrible. I suspect this one is common because a11y is easy to type, and accessibility is easy to misspell.

i18n – internationalization. I remember the concept and the acronym. Often forget what it expands to. Doesn’t help that GitLab docs link is /externalization (e13n).

k8s – Kubernetes. Even after months of using this, the acronym always takes me time