Jonathan Haidt on CWT

Good pushback from Tyler on this episode. I have been skeptical of Haidt’s take on social media since his articles in the Atlantic. The narrative is too convenient for parents and the mainstream media. For parents because it frees them of responsibility and for the MSM because it erodes some of the influence taken by social media.

  • The Atlantic articles were well timed to appeal to book buying weenies angry at Trumpdawg’s social media mastery. Haidt is a good self promoter himself with plenty of book and website plugs on the pod
  • He is dismissive of Mr. Beast but it says something that Elon and Zuck have become more like Mr. Beast rather than the other way around. The future is omnipresent, cult of personality AI CEOs
  • It is ironic that someone who writes about the perils of helicopter parenting is so keen to digitally coddle children. He evades the question of regulation because he knows how the CWT audience leans but that is what he wants. This and his unwillingness to acknowledge the benefits of social media expose the dishonesty of his work

Most of us should spend less time on our phones but regulation based on questionable science is not the answer.