Learning chords with ChatGPT voice conversations

Asked ChatGPT voice* to quiz me on chords while I was walking around the neighbourhood.

Voice recognition was good, response time was good. I didn’t love the “connecting…” stage to kick of the chat. And had bit of a buggy launch, but once started it was solid.

Initially it would ask a single question, I would answer, then it would say “do you want to continue?”. I asked it to skip that and just keep going until I left, which it did remember to do.

It kept pronouncing Bb as “beebee”, and Eb as “Ebb”, and wouldn’t remember to correct. I could maybe have solved this with initial prompt – either “you are a music teacher” or “always pronounce sharp and flat correctly”.

Overall this launching from “please quiz me on chords for different keys”** was very impressive.

This part later when I put my phone on the table and left the room was a little unsettling. Apparently the sound of my door closing said “This is Deokyoung Lee from MBC News” in Korean.



*Enabled in beta features of app.

**actual initial prompt: “Can you quiz me on notes in piano chords in different keys? Either the key name and I’ll name the notes.”