SEC shocker

Almost a quarter of SEC whistleblower awards go to clients represented by law firms with at least one ex SEC official on the payroll per the WSJ. It is a surprise to learn that offering people eight figure payouts to snitch on their companies creates perverse incentives.

Snitches get riches

I couldn’t have timed my $FB investment any better. Some thoughts: Haugen will likely get a better deal than Assange and Snowden Think of the children! 40% said they felt better using Instagram Opportunistic seems as good an adjective as brave The story is overblown but I will probably hold off on buying more stock […]

Why I bought $FB

Not investment advice. Marketplace has many multiples the monthly active users of eBay Shops combined with Marketplace could squeeze out Amazon and Shopify Digital products are increasingly important and Oculus is awesome Probably trades at a discount due to recent bad press (old media jealous) P/E ratio lower than the rest of FAANG, Nike, Disney […]